Sunday 29 November 2015

Friday - big haircut day!



On Saturday, the grade 8s had the opportunity to go skating at the Oak Bay arena. It had been a long time since their last skate, but they were excited to get out there and give it their best shot!

It was really impressive to see how determined everyone was even if there were a couple of falls.

Today was house games and students had the opportunity to play in a dodgeball and wall ball  tournament against the other boarding houses. It's always great to see the team spirit and sense of community during these events. Plus, Bolton had some major wins!

Sunday 25 October 2015

It was a great weekend here at SMUS. On Friday, we went cosmic bowling. 
There were a few strikes, but Mauricio was definitely our star bowler! 

On Sunday, Harry, Mau, Eric and Jesus went hiking in nearby Mt. Doug. We ended up hiking much farther than anticipated, but the hard work was very rewarding once we reached the top. Chips, our little house dog, was our fearless leader and made sure we didn't get lost:)

The boys learned about different western trees and plants and were even able to identify a few by 
the end of the day. It was great exposure to our lovely West Coast forests and the boys really 
enjoyed themselves. Jesus even said he's rather spend time in the forest than play video games. 
That was music to my ears!

 Harry also proved himself to be quite a good little photographer. Thanks for the pictures, Harry!

Monday 5 October 2015

I was the only person who has gone to the NBA game in grade 8. The game was played at Rogers Arena, Vancouver. Every thing went well except  that the ref wasn't being fare. They didn't call foul when the Raptors traveled. Also, when the two teams were practicing, Griffin dunked the point recording board off. However, the game end at 73-93, Raptors leading 20 points.

By Harry Huang

Sunday 27 September 2015

This weekend, the grade 8s had an opportunity to experience a variety of new things. On Friday, we went to the home opener hockey game for the Victoria Royals; this was a first for the whole crew - very exciting. Everyone enjoyed themselves and lucky for us, Victoria won!

Saturday was filled with an assortment of activities. Some went and learned how to ride motocross, while others went for a stroll on the Breakwater or went swimming at the Common Wealth Pool. 

On Sunday, we took the city bus downtown and the students had a chance to explore the city a little bit. It was a lovely day for checking out the sites and doing a bit of shopping.

Monday 21 September 2015

My name is Richard, also known as RZ the beast. I am thirteen, am from Vancouver, born in Beijing, China. Coming to this school is a very good opportunity for me, not matter what perspective your looking at, wither is academics, relationship, or solving problems. The first week my experience of entering SMUS has been great. The teachers are very helpful, very kind, they will do anything for you to make you understand, wither that is a question or a statement. I am looking forward going through the grade eight journey with happiness and sadness. 

Life at SMUS - Mauricio 
My name is Mauricio, i am of México and i am a border student of smus academy  the life at the smus is so awsome , my fatheres give  me the oportunity yo come at the school. at the begining i was so nervous because it was a experience that i haved did before and i hace fear but that traspassing the Tre weeks that i was here the nervous has gone and i make friends and i meet moré people and i appreciat my fatheres that give this oportunity

Saturday 19 September 2015

Life at SMUS

When I first came to this school, I was worried that I wouldn’t make friends or that school here would be different from my old school, but as soon as I met some of the students and teachers, I was sure that everything was going to be okay. The people were all so welcoming and they were all so interested in who I was, respected me and treated me well. Life is hard, but when the right people come along, it just makes everything easier.

Thursday 17 September 2015

First Impressions of life at SMUS~

“My Life in SMUS” 

My name is Eric Palencia, and I´m a grade 8 boarder from Mexico. I applied for a place at St. Michaels University School and now I´m here. When I saw the campus for first time I was amazed. It is very big, green, and beautiful. My roommate is a great guy, he is very clean and helpful, and his name is Stanley. My room is actually small, but it is fine, cause I don´t have too many stuff.

My first day in middle school was great. I met a lot of kind people, some of them are now my friends. I wasn´t scared about my first day, but I a little bit confused, so the daily students help me in my way to become a better person.

My first homework, well, nobody likes homework, so maybe I should skip this part.
SMUS is a great and kind community, where everyone knows everyone, and friendships last forever.

Eric Palencia

Jesus Quesada

These few days in Smus are actually very cool because all the students actually try to incorporate you in almost everything and the teacher are very nice and that make me fell secure of what I am doing in here.

Life at SMUS - by Harry Huang

The first weekend in boarding life was awesome but also tired. We had house games, and our group did pretty well. Life here at Smus is just perfect, I got a lot of new friends, and also the homework that the teachers gave to us was just the right amount for prep time. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the years at SMUS.

P.S: We also went to Romeo's and the pizza was awesome!